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Filmlab is a full-service video production studio located in Houston, Texas, but that description only scratches the surface of what we offer. More accurately, we’re a group of storytellers dedicated to finding fresh ways to frame human emotion on screen. Our goal is to discover what you and your brand do and the heart behind why you do it, then convey that in a cinematic experience.


We’re passionate about telling stories that shine a light on Houston, our hometown, but we also love to explore, so even if you’re story is on the other side of the world, we’ve got you covered. No matter if your production requires a big-budget set or a run-and-gun documentary approach, we’ve got the crew and resources for the job. Our talented group of directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, colorists and more are ready to support your project, whether you want a team to walk with you from initial idea to finished product or simply require a professional crew for the day. 


We adapt to the unique needs of all of our clients, big or small, and are equally adept at producing commercial videos, documentaries, narrative films, or animated shorts. We specialize in story-based content, but we love thinking outside the box and are always open to trying new approaches to projects.

We begin with a strong concept. We love working with clients who’ve got ideas they want to share. We plot out the storyboards, scout for locations, and find the perfect cast for the job.

All our projects begin with a strong foundation. With our clients, we define and determine the scope of work and set the necessary budgets. We also write content scripts or project directions if necessary.







Finally, we bring in the big guns for editing, animation, color grading, and sound mixing for the perfect film. Here’s where everything comes together for a Film Lab original.

Here, we create and we capture. We work within the allotted number of production days, crew size, and cameras determined during the concept state.

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